The Zoo Incident

A modern day tale of lovers torn out of each other’s lives by the uncertainty of life and the need to make a path for one self in the world. Alex and Andrea (The Zoo Incident) decided to tell their story through music that is a concept album of some sort showing how the two fell for one another and the eventuality of them having to love from a distance. The music itself reminds me of Silversun Pickups in some regards but is definitely a step down in terms of intensity and speed. The Zoo Incident focuses on a less is more approach keeping all parts simple and clean allowing the story to be told in a way that listeners understand and can attach to. With the ever-present indie scene growing and more bills being filled with eclectic  acts, The Zoo Incident certainly has a place in the market and while huge music industry success may not be on the horizon a formidable following and long sustained careers are. This is the type of band that plays on the music they were brought up on and will be appreciated in due time but if big time success is what they are after they have to tweak their sound.


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